true self stories

Stories from women in our communities

deidre deidre
Iam deidre
- Eersterivier
My feet are perfectly fit for me.
For a long time, I hated my small breasts. I remember wanting to get a boob job just because I was so embarrassed. Being a medical professional and seeing how much more important the health of my breasts was, rather than the size, made me realise that I have so much more to be thankful for. Then I just decided; be happy with what you have. I got a small tattoo between my boobs – something that I might not have been able to pull off had my boobs been bigger. Now I couldn’t be happier showing them off.
I am enough
ithereng ithereng
Iam ithereng
- Polokwane
My smile is perfectly fit for me.
For me, being a woman is about embodying strength and intelligence. I find it so enthralling that irrespective of our patriarchal society, we as women can still live our best lives and pursue what we want. I’m currently doing my Honours Degree in Anthropology and during my undergraduate days, I discovered the biased nature of advertising and how we as consumers are indoctrinated to accept a one-size-fits-all version of beauty. It’s important for me to be part of this campaign as it’s a reflection of reality. An inclusion of difference is so necessary because the society we live in, is beautifully diverse.
I am liberated
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