true self stories

Stories from women in our communities

sizah sizah
Iam sizah
- Mandeni
My bottom is perfectly fit for me.
After having my first baby, my confidence levels dropped. Then I was in a car accident last year, broke my left collarbone and had to get surgery that left a massive scar. I realised that my stretchmarks were not that bad, and I should have just appreciated and embraced who I was all along. The highlight of this campaign has been the friendships that I’ve formed with the other ladies. We only spent a few days together, but we were able to bond and form a strong sisterhood.
I am untamed
sive sive
Iam sive
- Willowvale
My face and cheekbones are perfectly fit for me.
Being a woman means possessing the superpower to nurture. It is to have the ability to give life, and not only through the birth of a being, but to situations or people who are in need of upliftment or need a push towards their true calling. Being a woman is to be sensitive to events both internally and externally, and to strive for balance. It is doing it all with grace. I also have parts of myself that I am not comfortable with and where I need to let go of my insecurities. Ackermans gave me this opportunity to do just that, to face my insecurities and be proudly me. I did this to prove to myself that I am enough, and I am proudly me.
I am capable
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