true self stories

Stories from women in our communities

mahlatse mahlatse
Iam mahlatse
- Bushbuckridge
My nose and legs are perfectly fit for me.
I am so self-conscious of my body and it was liberating to show off my belly area and the imperfections on my booty. My encouragement to other women is to just be the perfect you. It really does not help trying to be or look like someone else, because you can never achieve that. Just spend your time and energy being the best you you can be. Being a woman means having the strength and willpower to defy the odds, be it professionally, socially or otherwise. I loved being part of this Ackermans campaign, it gave me the confidence to be me.
I am confident
sibongile sibongile
Iam sibongile
- Johannesburg
My eyes and smile are perfectly fit for me.
Being a woman to me means that I am a nurturer, a leader and a pillar of strength to those around me. The society we live in today can make you feel limited because of your size, shape or weight, but I have allowed myself to experience the best form of self-love, which is taking my mind and body on a journey of self-discovery. I have learned that I can do anything, because I am limitless. It was very important for me to be part of this campaign because I wanted to share with all the young girls, young women and women from all walks of life that beauty starts with you and if you believe in yourself, everyone will see that.
I am limitless
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